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Large parts of the public do not take part in combating climate change largely due to the fact that throughout human history, knowledge of nature and the action oriented to this end has been going away from the people and into mastery of nature by the few. I trace the history of climate change in human society from when nature was worshipped in ancient societies and how this worship was corrupted by culture, that had diluted the epistemology of how a knowledge of nature was interpreted, from the natural Gods that Hegel described that the ancients began to interpret as self-conscious to the newer ways of cultural thought more distant from Darwinian Survival. If in the beginning, the need to resist nature had been survival, this need has been evolving as a crescendo of needs, each one looking to consume resources in a space mostly limited to Earth and has now evolved into mastery of nature, not harmony with it. https://kavishrai.wordpress.com/2022/10/19/a-history-of-climate-change-in-human-society/

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