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With the right policies, we can prevent high-quality resources from polluting our waters

We know by now that by recovering phosphorus and nitrogen from wastewater streams, we can reduce emissions, use fewer resources and prevent pollution. In this special episode of Circular Table Talks, the Ambassador of Sweden to Germany stressed that collaborations between countries are crucial for these technologies to be used at scale.
Pär Larshans, Director of Sustainability for Ragn-Sells, joined Pär Thöresson, the Ambassador of Sweden to Germany, along with representatives from EasyMining to talk about technologies that can help us recover nutrients from wastewater and the policies that stand in the way of scaling these technologies.
The Ambassador of Sweden to Germany joined representatives from Ragn-Sells and EasyMining to discuss the role of policy in promoting circular solutions

Ragn-Sells and EasyMining have done tests where third-party verified, high-quality phosphorus and nitrogen have been recovered through the unique Ash2Phos and Aqua2N methods. We know that we can provide these resources to feed products, fertilizers, and more, if we are allowed to. Unfortunately, current legislation takes into account the origin of products and not the quality. Since these resources are considered waste, they are dispersed into our water streams instead of being reused. Changing these policies will unlock significant circular solutions for us.
We would like to go a step further and request a base legislation that states that you have to recycle and detoxify phosphorus if you can. This would give us the best possible opportunity to transform wastewater treatment plants into resource treatment plants. Enabling these solutions unlocks a huge potential for countries like Sweden and Germany to come closer to meeting their climate goals. While the exact climate benefit of recovering nitrogen and phosphorus is still being calculated, it is clear that to avoid the mining for new materials, and at the same time reduce the emissions of laughing gas (N2O) from nitrogenized water and protecting marine ecosystems, will lead to reduced emissions from both ends of the spectrum.
To learn more about our solutions and listen to the full discussion with the Ambassador, watch the full special episode of Circular Table Talks below:

  • Sarah Chabane

    13 w

    This was a great episode, highlighting the need for countries to implement the right kind of policies if we want to continue producing food in the future! This is a key issue

    • George Kariuki

      14 w

      It is inspiring to hear about collaborations between countries to reduce emissions and prevent water pollution.

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