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Exciting SET100 News: SET100 member STABL Energy has incorporated its battery technology into a pilot storage system for the first time. We are thrilled for the start-up as this project has enabled them to showcase their technology for the first time outside the lab! The storage consists of 24 used battery modules from KIA and has a capacity of 72 kWh. The pilot storage went into operation with the help of DB Bahnbau Gruppe GmbH, inno2grid and Dellcon, and is on public display at EUREF campus (Munich). STABL Energy’s unique innovation strives for circularity in battery storage with its power conversion technology. Their technology makes battery storage more efficient and enables the integration of discarded batteries from electric vehicles in high volumes. Batteries, as well as improving its technology are crucial to a successful energy transition and we cannot wait to see what STABL has in store for battery storage improvement and scalability in the future. Read more about STABL’s pilot storage system, below.

#battery #storage #circularity #energytransition #startups #earlystage #proofofconcept #labtomarket Image Source: STABL Website (©Deutsche Bahn AG / Faruk Hosseini)
  • Tabitha Kimani

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    Continuous research for improved tech is a great contribution.

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