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New Platform Could Boost Development of Carbon-Capturing Batteries

Researchers from the University of Surrey, Imperial College London, and Peking University have developed an innovative lab-on-a-chip system to accelerate the creation of catalysts for lithium-CO2 (Li-CO2) batteries, potentially leading to efficient and affordable batteries capable of capturing harmful emissions. The current methods of producing catalysts for Li-CO2 batteries are slow and inefficient, prompting the development of this new technology. The researchers used their platform to swiftly evaluate various materials like platinum, gold, silver, copper, iron, and nickel to assess their suitability for high-performance Li-CO2 batteries. This approach offers a more cost-effective, efficient, and controlled means of producing these materials compared to traditional methods. Li-CO2 batteries hold promise as they combine lithium with carbon dioxide, effectively storing energy and providing a means to capture CO2, thereby offering a dual solution to energy storage and climate change mitigation.
The lab-on-a-chip platform holds potential for advancing the development of negative emissions technologies and understanding novel battery systems. Dr. Kai Yang from the University of Surrey emphasized that the platform allows for multiple functions simultaneously, aiding in evaluating electrocatalysts, optimizing operation conditions, and studying CO2 conversion in Li-CO2 batteries. Dr. Yunlong Zhao, lead corresponding author of the study from Imperial College London, stated that the technology not only enhances comprehension of novel batteries but can also be applied to various systems like metal-air batteries, fuel cells, and photoelectrochemical cells. This advancement is expected to facilitate quick catalyst screening, study of reaction mechanisms, and practical applications across various fields, including cutting-edge carbon removal technologies.

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  • dickson mutai

    40 w

    We hope this shapes the future of sustainable energy storage

    • johnte ndeto

      40 w

      such inventions and ideas are clear depiction that we are the only limit to saving our continent from adverse climatic conditions

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