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Why the current system does not act quickly and effectively in line with the crisis.
At present, the media are once again showing that, on the one hand, politicians never tire of emphasizing what has already been achieved in terms of climate protection. On the other hand, science and environmental associations are criticizing and alarming that all measures taken are "too little and too late".
We have taken a closer look at the phenomenon and compiled the structural facts for the systemic insufficient action into an article.
If it becomes clear where the problems and limits of the current system lie, such a compilation may open the view for alternative approaches, such as our model of personal tradable emission budgets as an ecological basic income for all citizens. Because without a radical change of course in climate policy, we will presumably drive against the wall.
The article can be read here
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  • john linus Tom

    36 w

    We need to collectively work towards climate justice

    • Kevin

      36 w

      Time everyone walked the talk

      • Munene Mugambi

        36 w

        I think one of the problems would be bureaucracy and paperwork involved before change is made.

        • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

          36 w

          The current system's slow and ineffective response to the climate crisis is a matter of concern. While politicians highlight their achievements in climate protection, science and environmental organizations criticize the measures as "too little and too late." Identifying the systemic shortcomings is crucial, as it may pave the way for alternative approaches like personal tradable emission budgets, offering a fresh perspective to address the climate crisis. Without a significant shift in climate policy, we risk a bleak future.

          • zelda ninga

            36 w

            We can't expect to have any change if the people are still doing the oil drilling and coal production, and other things too, there can be change if things like fossil fuel stop.

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