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The dangers of heat waves.
A heat wave is a period of unusually hot weather that lasts two days or more. How a heat wave is defined depends on an area’s historical averages.
The most obvious threat of high temperatures is through heat exhaustion or heat stroke. During a heat stroke, the sweat mechanism fails and the body cannot cool down, potentially leading to death or permanent disability.
Over the longer term, heat waves can strain water and energy resources, leading to power shortages and blackouts. They can fuel severe storms and wildfires, and even threaten food security if crops and livestock are damaged.
People who are most vulnerable to the impacts of heat waves include small children, outdoor workers, the elderly, people with chronic diseases, and pregnant women. There is also an environmental justice component, with low-income populations and non-Hispanic Blacks at higher risk from heat waves.

  • rosebellendiritu

    48 w

    This is very worrying,many countries are experiencing this..

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