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Scatec's Kenhardt solar project brings the renewable revolution to South Africa

Scatec's Kenhardt hybrid solar and battery storage project has sparked a renewable revolution in South Africa's Northern Cape. With 540 MW solar capacity and 225 MW battery storage, it now supplies a consistent 150 MW to the national grid daily, operating under a 20-year agreement with Eskom, the largest producer of electricity in Africa.
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Valued at $1 billion, this landmark project shows Scatec's commitment to sustainable energy. For their CEO Terje Pilskog, it is more than just a power plant—it's a symbol of shaping a green future through innovative solar-battery integration. The project not only meets electricity needs but also ensures grid stability with the battery system.
With collaborative support from stakeholders and financial institutions, the Kenhardt project exemplifies a shared commitment to designing a sustainable energy future for South Africa.

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  • Esther Wanjiku

    15 w

    This is revolutionary to say the least

    • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

      16 w

      Scatec's Kenhardt solar and battery storage project in South Africa represents a transformative leap toward a sustainable and renewable energy landscape. The substantial 540 MW solar capacity coupled with 225 MW battery storage demonstrates the potential for innovative solutions in addressing power needs and enhancing grid stability. Operating under a 20-year agreement with Eskom, this $1 billion project not only contributes to meeting electricity demands but also serves as a symbol of Scatec's commitment to a green future. The collaboration and support from stakeholders and financial institutions highlight a shared vision for sustainable energy in South Africa. By showcasing the effectiveness of solar-battery integration, the Kenhardt project sets an inspiring precedent for the broader renewable energy revolution, emphasizing the importance of such initiatives in the global fight against climate change.

      • Rotich Kim

        16 w

        Good move we appreciate this move by the partern to ensure Africa region is going on the same direction with other develop countries to realize green energy

        • Princess

          16 w

          It's a positive step forward for both environmental conservation and energy independence.

          • George Kariuki

            16 w

            This is a significant stride towards renewable energy in South Africa,

            • dickson mutai

              16 w

              With substantial solar and battery capacity, it meets immediate electricity needs setting a remarkable example of sustainable energy integration

              • walter lungayi

                16 w

                Great to see the renewable revolution reaching South Africa with Scatec's Kenhardt solar project! This is a positive step towards a more sustainable future.

                • Elizabeth Gathigia

                  16 w

                  This is very great, clean energy all the way 👍

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