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Solar Farms in Space

New research from the Universities of Surrey and Swansea has demonstrated the feasibility of producing cost-effective and lightweight solar panels capable of generating energy in space. In a groundbreaking study, scientists tracked a satellite's performance over a span of six years, observing how these panels harnessed power and endured exposure to solar radiation during more than 30,000 orbits. The results hold significant promise for the development of economically viable solar farms in space.
The University of Swansea's Center for Solar Energy Research played a pivotal role by creating novel solar cells made from cadmium telluride. These panels offer a larger surface area, reduced weight, and significantly increased power output compared to existing technology, all while remaining relatively inexpensive to manufacture. Meanwhile, researchers from the University of Surrey engineered instruments to assess the panels' performance in the orbit. The satellite itself, a product of the Surrey Space Center, was developed in collaboration with a team of trainee engineers from the Algerian Space Agency (ASAL). Despite a gradual decrease in the cells' efficiency over time, the findings strongly suggest that solar power satellites are a practical and potentially commercially viable concept.

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  • Gorffly mokua

    33 w

    This is promising, but it's essential to approach it with caution, ensuring that it aligns with sustainability goals without compromising other critical aspects of space exploration.


      33 w

      This is a great innovation

      • Videlis Eddie

        34 w

        this is interesting and innovative.. i am proud of those behind it

        • walter lungayi

          34 w

          This research on producing cost-effective and lightweight solar panels for space is a significant development. It opens up the possibility of creating economically viable solar farms in space, which could provide a sustainable and abundant source of energy. This could have far-reaching implications for space exploration and satellite technology.

          • Esther Wanjiku

            34 w

            Very good innovations for the future

            • Kevin

              34 w

              These are the innovative solutions that we really need

              • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

                34 w

                The development of cost-effective and lightweight solar panels for space applications is an exciting breakthrough. Research from the Universities of Surrey and Swansea demonstrates that these panels, made from cadmium telluride, offer increased power output and a larger surface area, all while being relatively inexpensive to manufacture. This innovation holds significant potential for economically viable solar farms in space, a promising avenue for clean energy generation that can play a crucial role in addressing climate change

                • Rotich Kim

                  34 w

                  I agreed with the two universities solar panels is relatively cheap and friendly to our environment 💪

                  • johnte ndeto

                    34 w

                    Creating more compatible and less complex solar panels is really impressive as it makes it more suitable to use


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