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Reading, Writing, Math … and Climate Change?

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Third graders at Public School 103 in the north Bronx sat on a rug last month while their teacher, Kristy Neumeister, led a book discussion.
The book, “Rain School,” is about children who live in a rural region of Chad, a country in central Africa. Every year, their school must be rebuilt because storms wash it away.
“And what’s causing all these rains and storms and floods?” asked Ms. Neumeister.
“Carbon,” said Aiden, a serious-looking 8-year-old.

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  • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

    11 w

    Reading, writing, math, and now climate change education for third graders – what a brilliant initiative! It's heartening to see educators like Kristy Neumeister at Public School 103 in the north Bronx incorporating environmental awareness into their curriculum. The choice of the book 'Rain School' not only expands children's cultural horizons by exploring life in rural Chad but also instills a critical understanding of climate change. The fact that an 8-year-old like Aiden can confidently connect storms and floods to carbon emissions speaks volumes about the potential of early education in shaping informed and environmentally conscious citizens. It's crucial that we equip the next generation with the knowledge and tools to understand and tackle climate change.

    • Marine Stephan

      11 w

      It is great to see that some schools are integrating climate discussions and climate science to teach their students and raise awareness among children. I hope this also goes together with discussions on how to act on climate change at their level! It can help create change without making them feel depressed

      • Abraham Jok Atem

        12 w

        This is so heartbreaking to see some of the schools in Central Africa being washed away by storms and floods

        • Rotich Kim

          12 w

          I love this story it has a great insight on how young generation have passionate about keeping our environment safe and conducive

          • George Kariuki

            12 w

            It's heartening to see educators incorporating discussions on climate change into elementary school curriculum. This approach not only fosters a sense of global citizenship but also empowers children to be proactive stewards of the planet.

            • Joseph Githinji

              12 w

              Incorporating climate change as a curriculum in New York is a great decision that will aid in impacting students with the right information to fight climate change effects around the globe.

              • Kevin

                12 w

                It is amazing that young kids can sit through a session to understand matters of climate change and how it affects their peers in the Central African region.

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