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Candela taxis reduce emissions and prevent Venice from eroding

Venice’s boat transportation system gives the city its identity, but it also presents a special challenge: waves in the canals erode and damage Venice’s buildings. Candela’s electric boats don’t add to the “moto ondoso” and thereby protect Venice’s beautiful buildings while reducing the city’s emissions.
“Moto ondoso”, Italian for “wave motion”, is eroding the foundations of the buildings along the canals of beautiful Venice – basically making the city sink into the sea. Small boats, the ones doing most of the transportation within the city, contribute 66% of the total wave energy and as such, are largely responsible for the erosion.
Moreover, these boats mostly run on diesel, exacerbating pollution through both exhaust fumes and fuel leaks.
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Candela P-8 Voyager was inspired by the iconic water taxis of Venice but provides a fossil fuel- and wake-free transportation alternative. By foiling over water, C-8s can not only help to preserve the beauty and heritage of Venice but also sustainably open up the waterways of cities around the world.
Learn more about moto ondoso and Candela C-7 (the first generation of Candela’s leisure vessels) here:

  • Evangeline Wanjiru

    8 w

    That is an efficient solution

    • Patrick Kiash

      15 w

      Iconic,nice to note it saves alot. Great solution

      • Petter Körnemark

        17 w

        That’s a nice solution. And will the captain wear that traditional hat?

        • Christina Carlmark

          17 w

          Fast motor boats without waves - sounds like science fiction! What a great solution for cities like Venice.

          • Sarah Chabane

            17 w

            That's a great solution to preserve this beautiful's city's architecture and the planet at the same time!

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