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It was really nice to be part of the informative and engaging four day broadcast, #StockholmClimateWeek.... It has been a great moment to learn, re-learning and unlearn as well. Its my hope it has been the case for all that watched broadcast online, or the same to all that participated physically at space Arena in central Stockholm, Sweden, as same as all following and re-watching the broadcast till now. Allow me to share some of the insights I have picked from each day of the broadcast as my reflections of the experience.
One of the speakers by name: Cecilia, Director sustainable eating and public affairs shared great insights on ways to promote shift to sustainable food systems.
1. Declaration of climate footprint by manufacturing companies is one way to attain help transition to a sustainable food system. It is only with numbers you can be able to make comparisons on the climate impact of different products. Prices have proven not to be a good indicator of consumer climate impact.
Am glad that We Don’t Have Time is providing this solution to consumers through availing climate data of all companies, this will aid consumers make informed decisions when making purchases.
2. Also, policy makers should make a legal requirement of mandatory carbon footprint labelling to all manufacturing companies. This will not only be an incentive to value chain but will also empower consumers to make informed decisions.
3. In addition, investing in research & climate campaigns to enlighten people is another insight I found worth considering. From my experience in Africa of participating in countless climate awareness campaigns, I have realized they help to bridge the information gap on matters climate change. This will help to influence people to embrace eco-friendly lifestyles
4.Peter Stomare’s presentation spoke to my heart and I believe it did to most of us. In his few words he reckoned the words of John Lennon “IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE SOMETHING'', you cannot do it by just sitting down, you can only do it by being active in your community, circle of friends and workplace. This was a great challenge to all of us to influence climate action in our spheres of influence.
From the discussions we know that we have solutions the only thing required is take positive actions. Technology and innovation have made sure we are not short of alternatives to green energy. The green energy should be used efficiently and avoid waste which is at 2/3.
Is transition from fossil fuels the only thing we have to do. NO, we have to sustainably utilize the available green energy by ways of saving. The world is massively Changing from fossil fuel investments towards renewable energy. SDG 7.Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable modern energy for all.
Positive surprises like the Paris Agreement which people thought would take many years to happen. And now we require to accelerate actions because we are behind schedule. We have many targets but we are not meeting them.
- Sad to note that fossil fuel subsidies reported to have shot up in 2022. On the other side, its really very nice and uplifting news to see the miles that ECOCIDE law has taken. We hope it goes through for it to be treated like Genocide.
Decarbonization:(Transport, Heating, Building
We have to make sure that every aspect of private and public operations is decarbonized. Decarbonize industries in terms of supply chain, product and market. Organizations are working hard towards sustainability and circularity, the like of Schneider Electric.
- Governments should also influence the use of energy efficient equipment’s by coming up with laws and regulations. (lighting, room air conditioning, commercial and residential, refrigeration ,etc.
New jobs will be created because we need energy efficient equipment TVs, Fridges, washing machines. This means re-skilling and re-educating. The excess HEAT produced by industries can be resold. Energy saving results in huge bills saving in all sectors.
NIELS FUGLSANG – The EU MP from Denmark said that the EU climate law is not ambitious enough to meet the Paris Agreement.
- Much climate love to NEW LAB in US for supporting start-ups which has made sure there's many technological solutions to climate change.
- OX2 and the Baltic sea explorations for offshore wind power.
Climate Technology in Africa.
1. South Africa-Green car wash machine. Its eco friendly and it’s a waterless system.
2. Kenya- Eco Bana.
3. Rwanda- Solar mobile kiosks in rural areas for charging phones.
4. Kenya- National government Adopt a forest- Barclays and Safaricom.
5. Uganda. Electric vehicle manufacturing by KIRWA Ltd.
1.Collaboration is Key: A collaborative effort from policymakers, companies, and entrepreneurs has to be harnessed together to drive the exponential solutions that we need to combat climate change.
2.Technological Innovation is Essential: As we transition towards a low carbon future, technological innovations that drive efficiency, resilience and decarbonization will be at the forefront of driving exponential solutions.
3.Scaling Up Solutions: There is a need to scale up solutions that already exist and have been proven effective in addressing climate change, such as renewable energy and circular economy practices.
4.Transforming Business Practices: Businesses must integrate sustainability into their core business strategies if we are to solve the climate crisis, this means going beyond carbon neutrality towards achieving net-negative emissions.
5.Public and Private Finance: There is a need for governments, financial institutions to realign their investments to match the urgency of the climate crisis and support the implementation of exponential solutions that can create a sustainable and resilient future for humanity and the planet.

DAY 4: Earth Day
It was really nice to join the world in commemorating Earth day and following the discussions in the live broadcast. Just to share a few snippets from the speakers who spoke on that earth day.
one is ''Pontus'' who is a full time activist, previously manager, he shared that there is a need to sacrifice our social life, economy and freedom so that we restore our planet. He shared one way to spearhead the call to climate action is through civil disobedience which should be in a peaceful and moderate way.
Pontus shared that he has been arrested severally and he is willing to pay the ultimate goal which is death for the planet
This to me such boldness was a moment of rekindling my vigor towards calling for climate action. In line with this year’s earth day theme, investing in our planet is call to rally our resources, skills and talent towards rescuing mother nature earth.
Koen Lemaire who is a scientist rebellion from Netherlands shared that there many ways through people can engage to promote call for climate action, that are simple as signing a petition among other ways.
The artists Bernadette Adam and Nick Nuttall who are using music to call climate action, have also proven to us that we can indeed use what we have to influence an eco-friendly lifestyle.
In Africa, my team and I were so devoted to climate justice and action that east Africa quickly noticed. I am happy to be the African representative because I believe we will soon have carried our awareness campaign across Africa advocating for change, eco-friendly and at least hit over 1.6 billion population from Africa, so far we have like 30,000users from Africa in our platform and that's like a drop in ocean, but we believe through power of many and through this great platform we have, We Don't Have Time, we will reach many. we have to change lifestyles, we must act and bring stakeholders and policy makers like leaders and governments to act, and we can achieve a lot including having green, fossil-free Africa. We are looking forward to hit more sectors in general so that we can engage more population and influencing them to make climate action a priority in their day to day activities.
In parting shot. We Don't Have Time, CEO, Ingmar Rentzhog as well as Head of Exponential Road Map Johan Falk, and Andreas Magnusson Youth representing Fridays For Future, all of them unanimously emphasized that we must work together toward achieving necessary below 2.0, before time is over, and they had a great call that youths can play a big role and as same as us all collectively we must act together urgently to save what's remaining, and time to act is now.
Overall, Stockholm Climate Week provided a platform for discussions and collaborations on how we can achieve exponential solutions that can help us limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, and ultimately alleviate the impacts of climate change.
It was amazing to note the viewers hit 20 million, 2500 people attended on-site, hundreds of speakers, and a dream team that pulled off an incredible first edition of Stockholm Climate Week 💚 That's my overview reflections of the eventful week, looking forward for more events of such caliber in future, information is power and am glad WE DONT HAVE TIME offers that opportunity to all of us.
You can (re)watch the broadcast on We Don't Have Time

Stockholm Climate Week – Apr 18, 2023–Apr 22, 2023

Welcome to four days of live climate broadcasting during the EU environment ministers’ meeting in Stockholm – leading up to Earth Day 2023. Join us on-site or online.

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                            Thanks to We Dont Have Time Team#Together we are the climate solution. Lets keep the spirit burning.

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