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Sven Nilson

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Climate love

We offer what today's consumers demand - fish that is sustainable in all respects, says Egil Ove Sundheim

Blue Resource Group has its production in Senja in northern Norway and is now in the process of building a production facility outside Oslo.
Smart energy solutions
The facility in Senja mainly produces salmon. The energy issue has been solved with the help of green energy from waterfalls and through heat exchange. Rapid freezing of the fish to -50 degrees means that the fine structure of the fish meat is retained while heat is extracted for heating water.
Optimal transport
Transport is another important area. Here, they always try to minimize the driving distances, from cultivation to the production facilities and then out to the market. By filleting the fish before freezing, you avoid transporting the bones.
The company has entered into an agreement on zero-emission transport. In the near future, the transports will be carried out by hydrogen-powered trucks. They also work hard to minimize the use of packaging and plastic.
- Consuming minimal water, heating the water with waste heat and reusing the waste as fertilizer are examples of really good circular economy. It will be fun to contribute to both sustainability gains and the production of good fish, concludes Egil Ove. (DI)

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  • Munene Mugambi

    7 w

    The oceans and seas offer a lot of solutions to our climate plight. Let's take advantage of that

    • George Kariuki

      7 w

      This is great news! It's great to see a company taking steps towards being more sustainable and using green energy sources.

      • Christine Bro

        8 w

        The sustainable energy solutions applied to Senja fish seems remarkable utilization of renewable resources. Amazing ! Especially when someone’s favorite fish is Salmon. Thank goodness for sustainable fishing and food supply! Wow

        • Andreas Kōhler

          8 w

          @christine_bro I don't see how this is really sustainable. Sure, they minimize excess but the ratio of energy and ressources used Vs outcome is still not good. We easily call things sustainable to empower them but shouldnt fall into the illusion that this is really sustainable. Naturally people are biased when they like the product and that creates a lot of misdirected development when there is a critical mass of biased supporters.

        • Andreas Kōhler

          8 w

          Do we really need fish? Is algae oil not sufficient for omega 3 acids as fishes are just the carrier and not the originator?

          • Joseph Githinji

            8 w

            Wow this is amazing, great respect to environment and a great sense of responsibility.

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