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DNA provides valuable insights about biodiversity

🌿 Many species are facing extinction, posing a threat to our ecosystems. To tackle this, we must adopt more environmentally friendly habits and engage in environmental protection. ⛰ But how can we better understand the state of our environment? One fascinating method is studying environmental DNA (eDNA). 🔬 By analyzing DNA left behind by plants and animals, we can monitor biodiversity and determine which species have visited an area. 🧬eDNA analysis has numerous advantages, such as being non-evasive, applicable in various ecosystems, and allowing for autonomous sample collection. It's an accurate and efficient way to identify species. 🔗 Learn more about how eDNA contributes to biodiversity conservation strategies here:

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  • Harrison wambui

    51 w

    Great ideas..they should be implemented

    • Kevin

      51 w

      Brilliant research work here

      • Joseph Githinji

        51 w

        Great ideas indeed, thank you for sharing.

        • Majdi Alnajjar

          51 w

          Action needed indeed to safe our planet 🌏

          • Komu Daniel

            51 w

            This an amazing research

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