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3 food waste initiatives from the food and grocery industry! Here are 3 interesting news from the food industry that we've encountered lately. It's always inspiring to see companies trying out new things to tackle food waste. 👍Marks & Spencer M&S is set to roll out its food waste initiative, which transforms day-old in-store baguettes into frozen garlic bread, to an additional 125 stores this April. By stuffing unsold baguettes with garlic butter and freezing them, M&S is able to offer customers an extended shelf life of 30 days, with prices starting from £1. The initiative, which began in 2020 as a pilot, has been successful and is currently available in 253 stores across the UK. Due to its popularity, M&S plans to expand the scheme to a total of 378 stores next month and introduce two new products. Over the past three years, M&S has sold 2.1 million of the repurposed loaves, with the most popular store being M&S Nottingham Giltbrook. 👍Hellmann's A key trigger for food waste in the homes are incorrect storage, getting the fridge temperature right can help food stays fresher for longer. The famous mayonnaise brand, Hellmann's has collaborated with Ogilvy UK to develop a unique mayonnaise jar that helps consumers determine the correct temperature for their refrigerators. The new 'Smart Jar' aims to raise awareness and reduce food waste across the nation. According to a recent study, millions of refrigerators in UK households are kept too warm, leading to accelerated spoilage of certain foods by up to three days as compared to when they are stored below 5°C. Illustrator Ellen Porteus has created the design for the jar, which features hidden illustrations and messages that are revealed through the use of thermochromic ink when the jar is stored in a fridge that is set below 5°C. 👍Up to good energy Up to Good Energy is a new line of sparkling pops that offers a mindful caffeine fix while also tackling food waste and environmental harm. Made from upcycled cascara, the fruit surrounding coffee beans that is typically discarded during traditional coffee farming, these drinks provide 70 milligrams of naturally clean caffeine per can, equivalent to one cup of coffee. What's more, the caffeine in cascara is rich in antioxidants and other nutrients that could help boost brain memory and alertness. The company sources its cascara from small, sustainable coffee farmers in Central America. By using this often-wasted resource, Up to Good Energy is doing its part to promote ethical and environmentally sustainable products. As someone who didn't know that the fruit surrounding the coffee bean was something you could use, this was cool news! It's what I can see only available in US as for now.

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