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UAE COP28 hosts , War Crimes funded Fossil Fuel & Fossil Fuels Academics against #SDG7

At #COP28 #Dubai, as I read through the daily internal notes, I think it is blatant that Fossil Fuels SEO actors visiting UAE peddling their Climate Obfuscations are hell-bent on undermining the Democratic values of the Free World! Today, 116 countries pledge to #SDG7 Renewable , clean and accessible energy! Independent Press are brushed aside and treated to child-like promises. Words and Warnings of #Nobel Science Laureates and #IPCC members about the data science of climate change are Gaslighted and ignored. In short, Nobel Peace Laureate Al Gore

and IPCC members like Professor Ezekiel Okemwa (whose funeral is tomorrow, RIP) are absolutely right about the 💩show that is COP28 UAE. This is a shame, as I loved the location and the city when I visited it for my research after #COP26 #Glasgow. Today's welcoming of Putin, still indicted for war crimes, show EXACTLY which side of history Fossil Fuel Actors have chosen. It is important to purge Institutional Actors, paid for by Undemocratic groups, that hide inside the top echolon of our Education system in the Globalnorth; who openly and abusively ENABLE, CONSULT and TEACH Climate Obfuscations to the most undemocratic and human rights abusing MNEs in the World. #SDGs begin at home.... #SDG4 is a priority and #SDG7 cannot be realised as long as the Future of our Sustainability are constantly Bombarded by Abusive Climate Obfuscators and Professors for Sale to every Dictatorships in the world! Their credentials should be stripped and their Phds revoked for failing basic Ethics of "Do No Harm" when they blatantly "rubber stamp" not just Climate Obfuscations but Cult-like Unscientific Anti-SDG Grooming as Climate Injustice Promulgators and War crimes enabling "Planet Killing" Abusors!
#endfossilfuels #pacja #climatejustice #sustainabledevelopmentgoals #unfccc #unesco #unecosoc #renewableenergy #supermacro #macroeconomics

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  • Cecilia W Yu 余詠詩

    17 w

    I want to say a big Well Done to We don't have time for the Open Letter to President of #COP28 signed by notable VIPs. It is VERY IMPORTANT TO REGISTER STRONG DISSENT when one is facing biased agendas from inside the COP arena.

    • rosebellendiritu

      18 w

      We don't have time is an organisation committed to make sure that we heal the planet by phasing out fossils,kindly highlight the companies that are not committed to end fossils and give them a warning ⚠️

      • Cecilia W Yu 余詠詩

        18 w

        @rosebellendiritu happy to. As soon as COP28 is over and we are in a position to do so since I cannot share Internal notes. Thank you.

      • mercy nduta

        18 w

        Kindly redirect your warning to the right recipient.

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