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ROAM introduces the Move all-electric shuttle bus, the first of its kind built entirely in Kenya

Kenyan electric mobility firm ROAM is celebrating a significant achievement in Africa by unveiling its latest product, the Move, an all-electric shuttle bus. ROAM, a Kenyan company with Swedish origins, marks its fifth anniversary since inception and has rapidly expanded its range of electric vehicles, including motorcycles and buses, along with advanced fast-charging technologies.

In addition to their initial work converting mining and safari SUVs into electric models, ROAM initially offered electrically converted versions of conventional transit buses for African routes. However, in January 2022, they introduced their own purpose-built electric bus.

By August of the previous year, ROAM successfully launched its first all-electric mass transit bus, the Rapid, featuring priority seating, extended legroom, and wheelchair-accessible areas. Today, ROAM is introducing the ROAM Move, further expanding their electric bus offerings to combat noise and air pollution in Kenya.

The ROAM Move is proudly the first fully electric bus designed and assembled locally in Kenya. Equipped with a 170 kWh battery, it boasts a 200 km (124 miles) range on a single charge and can be rapidly recharged in under two hours using a DC fast charger. Designed with Kenyan passengers in mind, it accommodates 51 individuals, offering comfortable seating and ample aisle space.

ROAM's most noteworthy achievement lies in providing an additional eco-friendly mass transit option that eliminates emissions and reduces noise pollution, a significant concern in Kenya's bustling urban areas, as explained by ROAM sales executive Dennis Wakaba.

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  • johnte ndeto

    39 w

    How I wish all the vehicles I find in traffic were electric

    • Kevin

      39 w

      This is very impactful

      • George Kariuki

        39 w

        This demonstrates the potential for sustainable transportation to make a positive impact on the continent's urban landscape and quality of life.

        • Grace Njeri

          39 w

          Superb! We need to turn to green buses in fight against pollution.

          • Saustine Lusanzu

            39 w

            E mobility is what we need

            • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

              39 w

              tis is amazing.Electric buses are overtakinfg nairobi highways

              • Ann Nyambura

                39 w

                Achievement that shows Kenya's potential in the field of electric mobility.

                • Kihm Francis

                  39 w

                  electric cars are the future i believe they"ll create a new world

                  • Tabitha Kimani

                    39 w

                    With this kind of innovations, we are assured of clean transport/mobility.

                    • Elizabeth Gathigia

                      39 w

                      This is absolutely great 👍 with electric vehicles carbon emissions are reduced as well as air pollution, electric is the way

                      • Sarah Chabane

                        40 w

                        That's great! More public transport and more electric vehicles for cleaner cities 👏

                        • Jane Wangui

                          33 w

                          @sarah_chabane Most people use public transport in Kenya.If we have more of this EVs we will reduce the amount of emissions faster.

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