Climate warning

Kansas City, MO

Climate warning

US’s Second-Largest Oil Spill!!!

We need to rally behind Kansas residents through sending a warning to its city officials for allowing Keystone Pipeline company to continue its dangerous operation in the city, yet with so many history of spillages affecting wildlife and residents!!! The recent Keystone pipeline spill pictured below in a creek running through rural pastureland in Washington County, Kansas, about 150 miles northwest of Kansas City, is now the biggest in the system's history, according to U.S. Department of Transportation data. The operator, Canada-based TC Energy, said the pipeline that runs from Canada to Oklahoma lost about 14,000 barrels, or 588,000 gallons. The spill raised questions for environmentalists and safety advocates about whether TC Energy should keep a federal government permit that has allowed the pressure inside parts of its Keystone system — including the stretch through Kansas — to exceed the typical maximum permitted levels. With Congress facing a potential debate on reauthorizing regulatory programs, the chair of a House subcommittee on pipeline safety took note of the spill Friday. Help Kansas, to demand their rights by sending this climate warning!!! SOURCE :

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  • Daryl Cleary

    21 w

    Fossil fuels are toxic even before they are burned into air and water pollution. Consider real clean, safe, sustainable, renewable, infinite and free for the collection rooftop sunshine, the wind, geothermal plus ocean energy which can be used as fuel for zero exhaust vehicles and machines.

    • Geoffrey Mboya

      21 w

      @daryl_cleary Precisely! That's the way to go 👏

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