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It is known that communication around plastic recycling is the most widespread form of greenwashing in the world, with only 9% of total plastic actually getting recycled (5% in the US), and the rest ending up in landfill, burned, or littering the seas and waterways.
Now a new study highlights that the problem is even worse than we thought: plastic that is indeed recycled require the material to be thoroughly washed before it us processed, and this washing leads to the release of tons of microplastics in the world's waterways, and in some occasions directly into human drinking water.
There is unfortunately no way to make plastic usage sustainable that is know at the moment. The only way is to completely move away from the use of plastics altogether.

The original study:

Image of post in post detailed view

  • Tabitha Kimani

    54 w

    Clean plastic recycling is very complicated and lots of research is on going in this subject. I am optimistic that the world will beat plastic pollution.

    • Sarah Chabane

      54 w

      These are very alarming results... we need to consider recycling as a sustainable alternative

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