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NCX at COP27: “Forests are the first, best option we have to actively remove carbon from the atmosphere”

During the UN climate conference COP27, NCX participated in the COP27 Climate Hub broadcast, an on-site and digital broadcast hosted by We Don’t Have Time from Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt. Zack Parisa, Co-founder and CEO of NCX, and Spencer Meyer, Head of Science at NCX, joined the broadcast from Sharm El-Sheikh to talk about how to craft economic incentives for landowners to grow older forests.
Zack Parisa and Spencer Meyer met with climate behavioral scientist Dr. Sweta Chakraborty, the US CEO of We Don’t Have Time, to share how NCX is addressing the climate crisis and the role of forestry data in climate action.
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Zack Parisa, Co-founder and CEO of NCX, outlined how forests play a pivotal role in fighting the climate crisis during the COP27 Climate Hub.

Forests leading the fight against the climate crisis
As a nature-based solution to the climate crisis, trees play a crucial role in reducing society's carbon footprint. But for trees to maximize their potential as carbon sinks, we have to make them a reliable solution, backed by rigorous measurement and accountability. To improve ecosystems and make a positive climate impact, we need to give landowners a financial incentive to save and invest in the health of forests.
NCX’s climate solution is to reliably measure and calculate the amount of carbon in forests, producing high quality carbon credits. That means not only enhancing the depth, rigor, and accessibility of forest data in carbon markets, but how that data is used to expand participation by forest landowners. They’re also working to use their comprehensive data to shed light on all the priceless functions forests are responsible for creating, such as biodiversity, water security, and social benefits.. A key component of NCX’s data efforts is enabling transparency and access, so carbon buyers and society can understand what went into making a carbon credit and the real impact it made. Investing in forests is vital to helping reverse deforestation and accelerate decarbonization, and companies and investors deserve to have a transparent view of the results they are delivering.
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Spencer Meyer joined the COP27 Climate Hub on November 12 to discuss building a market for conserving forests to avert the climate crisis.

There’s really good [forestry inventory data], and we combine that in traditional forestry measurements with cutting-edge remote sensing and satellite information. And our engineering team has built a platform to combine this data so we can measure forests and measure change in forests across very large areas. That’s going to allow us to scale up carbon opportunities for individual people, landowners and communities to all participate in this climate crisis,” remarks Head of Science at NCX, Spencer Meyer.
The path forward to decarbonization
It’s necessary to re-engineer the economy to be greener to overcome the climate crisis. These green transformations are already underway, but we shouldn't forget that trees can make a climate impact today, and they need to be a part of the decarbonization conversation. Co-founder and CEO, Zack Parisa, echoed these sentiments during the We Don’t Have Time COP27 broadcast.
We absolutely have to begin taking every opportunity we can to bend the arc on climate change. We have to change the economy as quickly as we can, but we can’t turn on a dime. While we’re making those critical transitions, forests are the first, best option we have to actively remove carbon from the atmosphere and reduce emissions and they are a way to interact directly with communities around the world that are at the most risk of climate change.” says Zack Parisa, CEO of NCX.

You can rewatch the COP27 Climate Hub anytime on We Don’t Have Time Play.

  • Tabitha Kimani

    23 w

    Afforestation and forest conservation is one major solution that every individual can participate in towards reverting climate.

    • Daryl Cleary

      23 w

      The best solution is to FIRST stop pollution at its source of burning fuel or we can never get caught up

      • Adam Wallin

        23 w

        @daryl_cleary Agreed, but if we don't protect our forests that won't be enough either unfortunately. We're at the point where we need to do everything all at once to reduce emissions, adapt to climate change and draw down carbon from the atmosphere, otherwise we will fail.

      • Sarah Chabane

        23 w

        NCX solution is so smart, let's start valuing our forests alive and not cut!

        • Markus Lutteman

          23 w

          This is a great solution that should be spread and scaled throughout the world.

          • Ford Brodeur

            23 w

            Great article! Forests are more valuable in the fight against the climate crisis than people realize!

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