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Dear Elementary School Teachers in Sweden, 🎓 Join us, on a transformative journey towards sustainable education! As part of our final project at Hyper Island (Sustainability Change Leadership), we're diving into the pivotal role of the school system in steering society towards sustainability. 🤔 Curious about your thoughts, feelings, and opinions on sustainability in the Swedish school system, we've crafted this survey. Let your insights shape the future! 🚀 🏫 Reflect on the current scenario at your school as you answer 10 simple questions. The survey aims to unravel how sustainability is woven into teaching today and what the school system needs to embrace to navigate our society's transformation. 🌈Your honest answers, a cornerstone in this exploration, will be aggregated with others, preserving anonymity. There are no right or wrong answers – just your valuable perspective! Let's catalyze change together! 📝Take the survey now and be a part of shaping a sustainable tomorrow!

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  • Munene Mugambi

    7 w

    A lot of minds are shaped in school, and it is amazing to see an initiative that focuses on the role of schools in ensuring sustainability is engraved in the minds of children. Once they leave such institutions, they leave knowing what is expected of them to ensure a livable planet.

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