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A Pennsylvania-based asphalt supplier this month accepted delivery of a special vehicle. This super-size dump truck was the first construction machine sold in North America to be made with low-emissions steel, according to the manufacturer, Volvo Group of Sweden. European companies have a head start in producing low-emissions steel and finding customers to buy it. But U.S. officials are working to close that gap, and the Inflation Reduction Act contains incentives that provide a strong nudge to use cleaner methods.

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  • Evangeline Wanjiru

    59 w

    Extremely encouraging to hear such clean solutions

    • Johannes Luiga

      63 w

      So encouraging

      • Johannes Luiga

        63 w

        Great to hear!

        • zelda ninga

          63 w

          Good work Volvo

          • Daniel Waweru

            63 w

            @Volvo is really doing a good job. This is encouraging. Many of these trucks should be made for faster ways of curbing CO2 emissions. Countries and organizations should emulate this move.

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