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George Kariuki

8 w

Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources

Climate idea

Use of Leaves, Bamboo, and Coconuts instead of plastic.

The government should

This Balinese Zero-Waste Restaurant Maukami uses Leaves, Bamboo, and Coconuts instead of plastic

Sustainable and authentic, Maukami is a farm-to-fork restaurant in Bali that uses leaves, bamboo and coconuts in stead of plastic.

look into this idea and implement it to achieve a zero-waste restaurant service in the country.

Sustainable and authentic, Maukami is a farm-to-fork restaurant in Bali that uses leaves, bamboo and coconuts in stead of plastic.
The use of plastic in Bali has become a major problem, with plastic pollution affecting not only the environment but also the economy and tourism. According to National Geographic, Indonesia is the second-largest ocean polluter in the world, with Bali being the epicentre of this problem.
Maukami has taken significant measures to lessen their plastic waste. An insider at Maukami, Ida Ayu Sukariani, has spoken out.
"The plastic pollution is the worst I've ever seen. So, we hope to demonstrate what can be achieved when plastic is replaced by more sustainable options.
Instead of plastic or paper, Maukami packages their products in environmentally friendly materials including bamboo, banana leaf, Lumasih leaf, and Nyangku leaf.
Maukami is not only reducing plastic use, but they are also helping Indonesians make a sustainable living from the richness of their land. They offer dine-in options, as well as delivery and take-away options using bamboo containers. Customers who return the bamboo containers to the restaurant receive a cashback of 5000 Rupiah for each bamboo container. They also plant and harvest their kitchen garden and offer gardens for the community and local farmers.
Promoting Sustainable Living Maukami also mentors local crafters and villagers to help them raise the standard of their production. They are promoting sustainable living and reducing the risk of villagers giving up their land for jobs in the city. The restaurant’s mission is to promote sustainable living and preserve the authentic culture of Bali.

Maukami is a great example of how restaurants can reduce their environmental impact and promote sustainable living. By using natural materials for packaging, promoting sustainable living, and mentoring local crafters and villagers, Maukami is making a positive impact on Bali’s environment and economy. As Ida Ayu Sukariani states:
“Maybe people are starting to forget about the traditional ways of Bali, not only tourists but also the Balinese people themselves. Our food here is authentic Balinese food, similar to what our grandparents used to eat.”

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  • Jengaj John

    7 w

    Such ideas should not evaporate without implementation.

    • Daniel Waweru

      7 w

      What an initiative!

      • Elizabeth Gathigia

        8 w

        A very great idea, hope it gets to be implemented

      • rosebellendiritu

        8 w

        More knowledge to help implement this idea should be much welcomed

        • Ajema Lydiah

          8 w

          a great idea,hope it will work out

          • Gorffly mokua

            8 w

            Great idea! But the main challenge is when it comes to implementation!

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