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Banning of gas to new homes from 2024 in push to cut emissions.

The Australian state of Victoria will ban natural gas connections to new homes from next year as part of a plan to cut emissions and lower energy bills.

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  • Videlis Eddie

    34 w

    This is commendable, I support..

    • Peter Karanga

      46 w

      The ban on gas connections to new homes from 2024 is a necessary and commendable step in the effort to reduce emissions and combat climate change. Natural gas is a significant source of carbon emissions, and transitioning away from it is crucial for achieving environmental sustainability goals. By implementing this ban, the government is encouraging the use of cleaner and more renewable energy sources, such as electricity or hydrogen. This move will not only contribute to lowering greenhouse gas emissions but also spur innovation in the development of alternative energy solutions. It sets an important precedent for other regions to follow suit and prioritize the adoption of greener technologies in new buildings. Overall, this ban is a progressive policy that demonstrates a commitment to a sustainable future.

      • Joyce Waturu

        46 w

        Indeed that's a very optimum step towards backing down from fossils fuels dependency.

        • Richard S

          46 w

          ⛔It's Victoria not Australia. This was a Colony before Federation. All the work has been pushed at the Grassroots level by groups like Friends of the Earth for a greener transition and by CONSUMERS. THE LABOR PARTY AND THEIR FOSSIL DEALERS are still opening up new 🇨🇳🇳🇪Coal, Gas Mines and seismic testing in whale breeding grounds. #MakeLaborHistory

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