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Rethinking Green Growth
The widely embraced concept of green growth, aiming to harmonize environmental objectives with economic prosperity, is encountering skepticism, notably in high-income nations. Across the globe, researchers are actively investigating alternative paradigms such as "degrowth" and "agrowth," often collectively referred to as post-growth. These emerging perspectives challenge the traditional belief in the seamless integration of economic and environmental goals.
Defining Degrowth and Agrowth:
Degrowth advocates planned material consumption reduction in affluent nations for sustainable and equitable societies, while agrowth maintains a neutral stance on economic growth, prioritizing sustainability regardless of GDP fluctuations. Both challenge the predominant green growth paradigm, with degrowth representing a more critical perspective.
The decoupling debate:
Central to the discourse is the concept of decoupling, questioning whether economic growth can occur without increased environmental degradation or greenhouse gas emissions. Absolute decoupling is crucial for green growth success, where emissions decrease during economic growth, not just grow more slowly.
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  • Munene Mugambi

    17 w

    When we take care of the environment it in turn takes care of our needs of economic growth

    • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

      17 w

      Insightfull alternative paradigms in the context of green growth, initiating a thoughtful discussion on the challenges and possibilities in harmonizing economic prosperity with environmental sustainability. Addressing the suggested areas for improvement could further enhance the depth and balance of the exploration.

      • Gorffly mokua

        17 w

        This is an important & timely discussion on the intersection between economic growth and environmental objectives. 👏

        • Rotich Kim

          17 w

          This is really promising we are hoping that our environment will gain more

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