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Building supercharger stations in only 8 days???YES!!! That's how fast Tesla is becoming transformative

Tesla has released footage unveiling its pre-fabricated system to deploy new Supercharger stations in record time. This new one in Florida was built in just over a week. Tesla is currently growing its Supercharger network at an impressive rate. The automaker went from 23,277 Superchargers at 2,564 stations at the end of 2020 to 31,498 Superchargers at 3,476 stations at the end of 2021. That’s growing at a 35% year-over-year pace. Read further:

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  • Ingmar Rentzhog




    104 w

    Incredibly speed. Exactly what we need to solve the climate crisis

    • Edwin wangombe


      104 w

      Woow Tesla is doing the most... Keep this up

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