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How can businesses help accelerate the green transition? And what can we learn from the non-linear growth of wind and solar? Join this unmissable webinar, where we’ll hear from leading climate, business and aviation experts Ingmar Rentzhog (We Don't Have Time), Christian Møller-Holst (Goodwings) and Nicolas Guillaume (Neste) on why the time is now, and how businesses can lead the charge on renewables. 📈
Join us for a captivating discussion where we'll cover: • Why the climate crisis demands hockey stick growth for renewables • How the role of businesses has changed for the better • Why fossil fuels are just a bad financial bet • How investment in SAF can help accelerate the green transition
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  • Adam Wallin

    40 w

    Exponential growth of specific solutions is the answer, along with an overall degrowth in terms of economic activity and resource use. New business models is a crucial part of this. Looking forward to this webinar!

    • Munene Mugambi

      40 w

      Question is, are all businesses willing to help us achieve green transition?

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