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#nationalhoneybeeday #StopBayerMonsanto #saveourpollinators
'Our pollinators are in peril and pesticides like Bayer-Monsanto's neonics are key drivers. Your support today will have double the impact to fight for bees and our planet!''Bees are dying at alarming rates. Even honeybees are taking big hits. In the past, annual winter die-offs in the U.S. would come in at around 15% of hives. Now, they are reaching 30-50% -- in some cases, up to 90%! The damage being done is clear. But pesticide giants like Bayer-Monsanto continue to funnel big money into disinformation efforts -- all to deny and distract from the role that their products play in bee deaths. They have operated this way for years, and our bees, our health, and our planet are paying for the consequences. Now is the time to stand up and demand action! At Friends of the Earth, we are doing everything we can to help save pollinators, protect our health, and stop the destruction of our planet. We’re working to pass policies that ban toxic pesticides that are driving the decline of bees and butterflies. At the same time, we’re pushing major grocery companies like Kroger to stop selling food grown with these chemicals. With your help and membership support today, we can win. And if you contribute today, your donation will be matched -- dollar for dollar -- up to our goal of $107,000, but only until midnight tonight!'

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    Stop killing our bee population. This is a climate warning

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