Climate Dialogue: Fair Finance Guide Sweden - The massive carbon footprint of Swedish banks

Following up on last week's interview with the pension fund AP7 on its investments in Saudi Aramco and other fossil fuel companies, we decided to look at this issue from the opposite perspective.

This week, we sat down with Jakob König, Head of Fair Finance Guide Sweden. Jakob and his team has just released a report on the massive carbon footprint of Swedish banks. Previously, Fair Finance Guide has also revealed how several major Swedish banks continue to give new multi-billion dollar loans to oil companies that exploit new oil discoveries, including in the Arctic. So what can be done about it? Jakob König has some solutions in store. What is your view? Discuss in the comment section.

Watch the full 30-minute interview here.
  • Johannes Luiga

    9 w

    A very important and crucial discussion for the transition of Finance


      9 w

      We really don't have time


        10 w

        I hope WDHT shall archive few interviews of this session for its' immense significances. This interview gives us a better understanding about how the world of finances function but it also carries two significant messages; 1. Collective role of 50000 citizens of Sweden as influencerst to work on sustainability with due seriousness. 2 Graph on rising ocean temperature at the end of the interview. Rising ocean temperatures are impacting our lives. But this facte was being voiced mostly by scientists, academicians and activists. Now finance sector is expressing concern. I really look forward for financial boosting of actions on Ocean front. Because "we don't have time.

        • Munene Mugambi

          10 w

          @dipanjana_maulik And these interviews in future will be used as proof of commitments made by these orgs and for reference material.

        • Mdshahab Uddin

          10 w

          We Don't Have Time

          • Saustine Lusanzu

            9 w

            Really,we don't have

          • George Kariuki

            10 w

            Addressing the climate crisis requires a concerted effort from all sectors of society, including the financial industry.

            • Princess

              10 w

              It's vital to examine these issues from all angles to promote more sustainable financial practices.

              Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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