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As has been determined , through years of research, investigation, archaeology and geological studies. Homo Sapiens who we have evolved from into the modern from, originated in Africa and migrated North as the interglacial ice retreated. It is assumed in doing so they eventually caused the disappearance of the Neanderthal race which lived in this region. It is every life forms objective on Mother Earth to multiply and maintain the species only restricted by the natural boundaries placed on them by Mother Earths resources and of course natural disasters.
Initially as hunter gathers we were nomadic seeking better food, water and shelter, living in harmony with nature and having a limited effect on it. However as our quality of food grew so did our brains becoming more sophisticated creating tools for hunting. Owing to the efficiency of our newly acquired skills and the tools we possessed, we soon became a top predator. It wasn't long before we started to have an affect on the balance of nature in the areas we occupied, albeit localised. This being evidenced by the disappearance of Mega Fauna. Eventually settling down growing crops and domesticating useful wild animals for our own purpose.
Our Expansion continued and as our population grew new lands were sought. But circumstances changed as we started to encroach on other lands and settlements, a lot living within natures boundaries . The powerful stared to enslave these indigenous peoples labelling them as stupid and lesser beings, stealing their land, and depleting them of their resources, all sorts of atrocities were played out. Value was given to inanimate objects , rocks, metals and minerals. All in pursuit of ever more wealth and power, murdering our own species, claiming rights not ours to have .The Rott had truly started. Nothing could stand in our way, Nature was now dispensable and a product to satisfy our greed, it became a huge casualty, we were now having a profound effect on it, we used it wherever we could to satisfy our wants . Destroying Biomes and driving species to extinction . WHY! What Changed, what drives us, it is no longer surviving or the maintenance of our species, and what is true wealth, not money, power or materialistic things . True wealth, is Health, Love ,Kindness and living in Harmony with each other and Nature, true symbiosis, as we are one element of that great natural biome, having no greater rights than the collective.
But no we are now driven by Greed and Power, there has been conflict and war somewhere in the world ever since our expansion. We have become so powerful in our own right that we have raised ourselves above Nature the very thing that ensures our survival on this beautiful planet . Yet we continue to destroy and plunder it at a phenomenal rate WHY! Is it because there is no other way ? No it is to sustain the Greed , Wealth and Power of the few , who have brainwashed the majority into believing that they need all these materialistic things to be happy and that they cannot survive without having them, promoting more and more consumerism, leading to greater Power and Wealth for them and even more inequality world wide.
This all at the expense of our planet, plastic oceans, polluted and degradated land and water, species extinctions and biome loss which is now driving a rapid Climate Breakdown .WHY! Are we so blind that we do not see our own fate, have we disconnected ourselves so much that we cannot see, that by destroying Nature we will cause our own extinction and in doing so it will create a hell on earth, especially for our children and grandchildren . But most of us will not totally escape this horror, for the collapse is not as far away as most believe, when it starts it will gain momentum and be swift.
So again I ask the question WHY!
Don't we see and act to turn things around.
Don't we use our collective Power and Resources to do so.
Don't we find true wealth, by living in harmony with our fellow species , restoring our natural world and living symbiotically.
Don't we lay down our arms and live together in piece using the energy to mend our Mother Earth.
Would we seek to live in dark, lifeless , frigid Space in a metal box or under a glass dome as the powerful and wealthy would have us do, when we can restore our beautiful Mother Earth the greatest gift of all.
We as a collective have awesome power and can wield it at no great cost to ourselves. If we wish to get the attention of the wealthy and powerful giving them clear terms and direction. People such as Mr Bezos, Musk, corporations like BP, Shell, Exon, Tesco, Fashion houses and so on. Then, for one week, if we boycotted their products, with a directive that further actions would be taken in the future should they choose to ignore our requests . They would soon listen, and maybe, just maybe, we and the rest of life on our beautiful planet would have a chance of survival .
So WHY! Are we not all standing up to be counted for the future of our children and grandchildren and ALL life on MOTHER EARTH. WHY!
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