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Reuters, a Japan's transport ministry is preparing action against a Toyota Motor Corp associate for crooking
engine emissions tests, including possibly withdrawing certification for some engine type. This was reported by Nikkei on Monday.
The ministry will order Toyota Industries, the world's largest manufacturer of forklift trucks, to take steps to prevent a "recurrence of the misconduct", the newspaper reported, citing people familiar with the matter.
However, Toyota did not respond immediate to Reuters request for comments.
Toyota Industries, which also makes cars, textiles and electronics, may lose certification for an excavator engine, the report said.
"The regulator will weigh the severity of the misconduct before deciding whether to do the same for engines used in Land Cruiser vehicles and HiAce vans," that's what the report said.
The company reported to the ministry in January that it had engaged in misconduct that included tampering with performance test data for multiple forklift and automobile engine models, that's what Nikkei added on the report.

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  • Esther Wanjiku

    19 w

    This is indeed the height of criminality and must be condemned.

    • George Kariuki

      20 w

      This is the way to go. Holding this chronic emitters accountable.

      • johnte ndeto

        20 w

        Accountability is key on climate change and any culprits should be put in book

        • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

          20 w

          The Ministry of Transport should act swiftly and hold Toyota Kenya accountable for manipulating engine emission tests. We must ensure justice for our planet.

          • Kevin

            20 w

            Toyota motors falling under scrutiny for being master manipulators of the engine emission test is indeed welcome news.They must act accordingly or face the law properly.

            • Jane Wangui

              20 w

              @Kevin such a big company could easily solve this problem if only they decide to do so.

            • Felix mokaya

              20 w

              This is very good work from japans transport minister on being strict to Toyota Motors for manipulating the engine emission test .How l wish that he will come up with an action that will serve as an example to other motors companies

              • Joseph Githinji

                20 w

                Toyota Motor Corp associate must take full responsibility for manipulating this engine emission tests. The transport ministry should move on with the litigations and ensure justice for the environment.

                • Munene Mugambi

                  20 w

                  The ramifications for such market manipulation through false reporting and duping systems to fit personal profit goals by an organization should lead to immediate expulsion from the market and financial embargos driving them bankrupt for trying to bankrupt the planet of life.

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