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***Tackling Greenwashing***
It will come of no surprise to you that 78% of consumers believe that companies are exaggerating or lying about their environmental claims? (Nielsen Global Sustainability Report 2022).
We all know that greenwashing has become a pressing issue in today's corporate landscape, and Permutable is taking a proactive approach to address it!
We are excited to announce we have developed a groundbreaking greenwashing framework in collaboration with international regulators to combat greenwashing.
✔️This framework is a significant step toward ensuring transparency and accountability in sustainability claims made by companies.
🌟 What's even more exciting is that we're now in the process of turning this innovative framework into a tangible product! Our goal is to empower consumers, investors, and stakeholders with the tools they need to identify genuine environmentally responsible companies from those making exaggerated or false claims.
To learn more about our groundbreaking framework and initial results from our analysis of predominantly financial institutions see here:
  • Sarah Chabane

    40 w

    This is great! We need to be able to visualise greenwashing to tackle it efficiently. Thanks for sharing. Small tip: if you add a picture to your post it will have more impact in the feed!

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