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Regerating degraded landscapes around the country

Since its founding in Mombasa in 2010, Green World Campaign-Kenya (GWC-K) has planted 3.5 million trees of 26 biodiverse native species, winning government awards for its forestry practices and rigorous M&E (monitoring and evaluation). It has provided eco-education to hundreds of thousands of farmers and schoolchildren. It has introduced “green” charcoal made from agricultural waste (to replace trees cut for firewood); clean low-carbon cookstoves; rainwater catchment systems and drip irrigation. GWC-K started a youth-led Trees for Peace movement that spread through coastal Kenya. In another program, youth help elders restore sacred kaya forests, learning indigenous wisdom.

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  • Marine Stephan


    80 w

    This is so great

    • Patrick Kiash




      80 w

      Am glad for eco education they provide to many.

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