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NASA Analysis Finds Strong El Niño Could Bring Extra Floods This Winter

An analysis by NASA’s sea level change science team finds that if a strong El Niño develops this winter, cities along the western coasts of the Americas could see an increase in the frequency of high-tide flooding that can swamp roads and spill into low-lying buildings. El Niño is a periodic climate phenomenon characterized by higher-than-normal sea levels and warmer-than-average ocean temperatures along the equatorial Pacific. These conditions can spread poleward along the western coasts of the Americas. El Niño, which is still developing this year, can bring more rain than usual to the U.S. Southwest and drought to countries in the western Pacific like Indonesia. These impacts typically occur in January through March.

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  • Abraham Jok Atem

    34 w

    Proper measures must be taken to stop and control this life threatening El Nino

    • Videlis Eddie

      34 w

      its important for the government to put more efforts in avoiding this flood or prevent them from causing devastation

      • Joseph Githinji

        34 w

        This is a vital observation that will give way for proper mitigation measures to be implemented and a call to action for all to stand up against all causes of climate change effects.

        • Princess

          34 w

          Preparedness plans, including early warning systems, infrastructure improvements, and community engagement, should be implemented to minimize the adverse impacts on vulnerable regions.

          • George Kariuki

            34 w

            It is important to monitor the development of El Niño closely and take steps to mitigate its potential impacts.

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