Kathy Wei's post

East Africa is on the Brink of a Drought-Caused Famine East Africa is currently facing the worst drought in 40 years, placing them on the brink of a famine that could kill 500,000 children. Warnings and pleas for help are becoming increasingly dire as the drought wipes out livestock and crops, deepening the hunger crisis. For the last four rainy seasons the annual rains have failed across Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia and forced 1.5 million people to flee their homes in search of food and water elsewhere. For those who have stayed, the devastating effects are clear. Currently, as reported by UNICEF, almost two million children in the Horn of Africa require urgent treatment for life-threatening severe acute malnutrition. The hunger problem is compounded by the war in Ukraine and the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, which has pushed up the price of cooking oil, bread and wheat flour to record highs at local markets. However, above all, climate change, caused mainly by the extraction and combustion of fossil fuels, is making droughts more frequent and more severe. Those in Somalia have described this specific ongoing drought as worse than any they can remember. While the harshest effects of warming from climate change are being felt in Africa, Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia are responsible for a negligible amount of global climate pollution. "Ironically, it's not the countries that are contributing more to that global emission that are paying the heaviest price.” Despite the fact that the world’s 50 least developed countries contribute less than 1% of global carbon emissions, 99% of all deaths from weather related disasters occur in these developing countries. This highlights the shocking social injustice of the climate crisis; As the world attempts to transition to a greener economy, meaningful, large-scale support and compensation must be given to those affected by climate related disasters. https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/northern-kenya-faces-hunger-crisis-drought-wipes-out-livestock-2022-09-29/

  • Edwin wangombe

    33 w

    It's a really huge issue .. for example in there are places in Kenya that have not received rainfall for four years straight.. this is affecting the children by causing malnutrition and death of cattle... It's devastating

    • Tabitha Kimani

      33 w

      The climate change effects on population and biodiversity so real all over the world. In northern parts of Kenya, people, livestock, wild animals are dying because of the persistent drought. In other parts of Kenya, for 3 years the rainfall has not been sufficient for the growth of food crops resulting in the widespread scarcity of food causing starvation.

      • Johannes Luiga

        33 w

        Thanks for highlighting this partly forgotten climate crisis! The people on the Horn of Africa are struggling enormously with this drought. Instead of subsidizing the fossil fuel industry with 11 million USD / minute of our tax money those resources should go here!

        • Patrick Kiash

          8 w

          @Johannes_Luiga I agree with you.

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