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All large car parks in France must be covered with solar panels

All large car parks in France will have to be covered with solar panels in the future. The initiative is part of French President Emmanuel Macron's drive for renewable energy. The war in Ukraine and climate change have put a lot of pressure on European power supplies. In response, the French government is turning to “green initiatives”, including wind and solar energy. The news: Car parks across France are about to undergo a massive transformation. Under the legislation, approved by the French parliament this week, existing and new parking lots with space for at least 80 vehicles must be covered with solar panels. Five years time Owners of such sites have five years to comply with the measures. Parking operators with more than 400 spaces have only three years. According to the French government, the measure can generate up to 11 gigawatts of energy, the equivalent of 10 nuclear reactors. Electric vehicles play an important role in the plan. These can be recharged during the parking period at a favorable rate, since there are no transmission costs. However, there are some exceptions: parking spaces with “technical, safety, architectural, heritage and environmental restrictions” can be exempted. Who pays? It is not yet clear how the car park operators will pay for these installations or how much financial support the government will provide. Currently, the Belgian zoo Pairi Daiza has the largest solar car park in the world. No fewer than 62,750 solar panels will be installed above the 7,000-space car park in 2020. French politicians are also studying proposals to build large solar farms on empty land near highways, railways and farmland. Stimulating French industry The big picture: In the shadow of the war in Ukraine, Macron has made a strong case for nuclear energy over the past year. The Frenchman also announced plans in September to boost the French renewable energy industry. The move comes as European countries scrutinize their domestic energy supplies following Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The French government also plans to build about 50 additional wind farms by 2050, such as the one off the coast of Saint-Nazaire.

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    Now this is something that can save the world. This also reduces the urban heat island effect, provides a great shelter for vehicles while charging and generates non-pollution emitting energy to fuel zero exhaust vehicles and clean power for structures.

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