Using the sun is good, producing O2 is better

Abstraction is sometimes useful, but for a viable change, concrete actions are needed to give a project a whole new dimension. At Greenercoin, we are aware that the eco-friendly blockchain and the accessibility of our token through green contract mining are not enough. We need to go further and act visibly in rural and urban areas. Of course, we can’t destroy all the nuclear power plants and water tables in the world with a pickaxe. However, planting trees in forests and installing solar panels in our daily environment seem to be the best solutions to reduce our environmental impact. This also has an important moral dimension. But then, how are we going to redesign the Earth with the planting of trees and the installation of solar panels? Summary:
One marketplace, many possibilities A burned token, a planted tree Scientific point: photosynthesis (O2 production)
One marketplace, many possibilities
Who said that our project was limited to an eco-responsible blockchain? Certainly not us! Indeed, Greenercoin has more than one asset up its sleeve. In addition to being ecologic, our project also offers an innovative marketplace accessible via Greenercoin. On this marketplace, it will be possible to make our future more sustainable, responsible and viable, just like our start-up. How does it work? It’s very simple, let us explain. Our marketplace accessible through our website will be launched at the same time as our Greenercoin project. We’re looking forward to introducing you to all the sustainable development opportunities we’ve selected for you. For example, you’ll be able to find products from the circular economy, organic farming, renewable energy, and much more. If you want specific examples, know that we are forging partnerships with companies that specialize in manufacturing eco-responsible products such as natural cosmetics, organic cotton clothing, ethical fashion accessories, solar panel manufacturers, and many more. Moreover, our marketplace will be accessible to everyone, without exception, because we believe that sustainability should be accessible to all. You will be able to find products at all prices, for all needs and for all tastes. We are convinced that sustainability is the future, and we are proud to propose an innovative solution to achieve it. Read our full article on the official Greenercoin Website here :

  • Evangeline Wanjiru

    68 w

    Very very intriguing

    • Sarah Chabane

      71 w

      Interesting! But I would like to understand better how this works. If you had to explain to someone that has no knowledge of the blockchain and so on? What would you say? :)


        71 w

        @sarah_chabane Hello, thank you for your attention to our project. We try to explain all this on our site by producing news on this subject, and allow you to learn more ;)

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