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Start Up Energy Transition (SET)

26 w

Frontier Markets

Climate love

Entering a new collaboration with Wadhwani Foundation to help over 350,000 rural houses

Exciting #SET100 News: Frontier Markets' CEO Ajaita Shah addresses the Global South’s growing energy demands, a just transition and much more at Verge22 in San Jose. ♻️ Longlisted in the 2018 SET100 list under the SDG-7 category, the India-based start-up is a last-mile distribution company that provides access to clean energy products and services for over 500,000 rural households through a growing salesforce of over 21k rural female entrepreneurs called ‘Solar Sahelis.’ Frontier Markets entered a new collaboration with Wadhwani Foundation to help over 350,000 rural houses connect during the Covid-19 pandemic and is SET to expand into new states. 👩🔬 🤝 We are so excited for the start-up as they pave the way to power women through entrepreneurship. Check out this snippet from Verge22 where Ajaita discusses how women can change the energy markets and fight climate change 👉 Picture Source: via Frontier Markets’ website #womenintech #emergingmarkets #energyaccess #frontiermarkets

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  • Elizabeth Gathigia

    20 w

    This is wonderful especially when employment is created keep up the good work

    • Edwin wangombe

      25 w

      This is nice👍... Keep up

      • Start Up Energy Transition (SET)

        25 w

        Agreed! We are happy to see more and more start-ups in the energy sector that empower women with their projects. Jaza Energy, this year's winners from the Quality Energy Access & SDG-7 category, are another great example!

        • Sarah Chabane

          26 w

          Fantastic project!

          • We Don't Have Time

            26 w

            Dear Start Up Energy Transition (SET) Thank you for getting your climate love to level 2! We have reached out to Frontier Markets and requested a response. I will keep you updated on any progress! /Muhammad We Don't Have Time

            • Muhammad Fahd Khan

              26 w

              This could be copied in other countires to increase female employment and use of green energy.

              • Johannes Luiga

                26 w

                Such a great inititative

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