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UNDP's newest Climate Campaign Launch

UNDP in collaboration with WMO launched a climate campaign on Weather kids, where kids from 80 different countries came up with weather forecast. The creativity and deep messages about future weather and climate solutions from innocent voices immediately touch our hearts. The language of truth, hope and faith is more powerful than any the language of humans. It is irrelevant, in which language these kids are speaking. The impact in our mind in undeniable and long-lasting. This campaign is launched on 21.03.2024 through a programme , which was webcasted on 21.03.2024 and is available in YouTube in following link. The programme was graced by Professor Celeste Saulo, Secretary WMO, Ms Agi Veres, Director, Geneva Office, UNDP, Ms Lauren Stuart, Scientific Officer, Mr Boaz Paldi, Chief Creative Officer UNDP, Mr Ingmar Rentzhog,Ms Marie-Clarie Graf, Future leaders Network, Ms Rosa Sangiorgio, Head of ESG, Mr Rajan Sings Earth X, Mr Mathew Wilson, PR & Ambassador, Barbadose and other luminaries.
Professor Celeste Saulo in her opening remark observed the transformational journey of weather news from last minute broad casting after regular radio and TV news to today's "The news" -status. Weather forecasts are now crucial for clean power generation because wind and solar power generation depends on weather parameters. Weather information is the backbone of different services provided the National Meteorological and Hydrological Organizations. It indeed empowers everyone. I stayed few days in a remote village in Kashipur block of Purulia district of West Bengal, India in 2017-2018 and there I have seen how the sms generated through processing AWS (Automatic Weather Station) data is helping poorer tribal women to decide when to cut the vegetable in her backward to avoid damages from sudden rain. These women prefer not to wear their best dresses in their friends' wedding if there is a forecasting of heavy rain, because she knows that rain can spoil her last remaining favorite sari (dress). Informed decision making empower them to protect their possessions. These AWS-s were installed under first Adaptation Fund (AF) project of India. Weather forecasting is used in many known as well as many unknown sectors like road repair, organizing meeting and many more. Professor Saulo very rightly pointed out that everyone aspires for development, because it links our past and present to future. Infact ideal sustainable development should link our past and present to a happy and stable future.
Our children and their children and their children deserve that happy and sustainable future. It is the responsibility of the present generation to take action to keep the target of ' limiting global temperature rise within 1.5 deg' alive. July 2023 was the hottest single month. In northern hemisphere, after equinox in June 2023, temperature is supposed to start to decline. Maximum rise of temperature in July 2023, therefore, indicates serious climate threats.
In a video message Dr. Abullah Al Mandous, President, WMO gave us an idea about vast weather monitoring coverage of WMO, that comprises 11000 surface stations, 1300 upper air stations, 1200 buoys, 348 satellites, 1111 radar stations, 3000 aircrafts, 52 data center, 26 geostationary monitoring, 6 tropical cyclone monitoring, 141 special centers for work and research. This weather monitoring network is impressive but it needs immediate expansion for addressing the growing demand of location specific forecast. This demand for better weather information is substantiated by informative short video on climate actions by Zimbabwe and other countries. Access to renewable power in remote locations are ensuring safe surgeries, proper storage of vaccines in refrigerators without long power cut and eventually contributing to community health. I hope these benefits shall also be taken account, while doing a cost benefit analysis of renewables. More specific weather information shall improve efficiency of cleaner power generation.
Dr. Agi Veres, UNDP emphasized on need for individual actions and policy interventions. She resonated with the Professor Saulo's opinion that children are our hope and responsibility. Their power to influence the decision of their parents for climate sensibility deserves applaud. She shared how UNDP is helping countries to set NDCs (Nationally Determined Contribution) in SAPCCs (State Action Plan on Climate Changes). Local youths are being engaged in few countries for mapping urban heat islands. These participatory methods enable the youth to understand the science and to generate meaningful information.
In fire-side discussion Lauren Stuart, (who was a weather kid of 6 years in 2000 and has now transmuted to a scientist in WMO in 2024) and Boaz Paldi once again highlighted the need for story telling for information dissemination and consensus building. The weather kid videos are designed with such an human appeal that no one can disagree to the need for climate action.
Ms Marie Clair-Grap,h has seen the fear about future in young minds and mistrust of the youth in government action for climate. In response, She has built "Future Network". Her vibrant moderation and warm participation by the panelists made the panel discussion for limiting temperature rise within 1.5 degree very lively. The action taken by Barbados can be exemplary for other island-countries. Rosa Sangiogio, Head ESG proposed to alter the carbon pricing system by calculating the externalities of fossil fuel industry. July 2023 was hottest single month and fossil fuel industry enjoyed maximum profit in 2023. Causality can be easily found. This scenario can change if such externalities of fossil fuel combustion are incorporated in financial calculations by the financial institutions. Financial Institutions is a bridge between people with money and people with idea. Ingmar Rentozhog, We Dont have Time showed beautifully that the subsidy of US$ 7 Trillion in fossil fuel can be moved to renewable sector which now annually require US$ 4.5 Trillion. Idea for expediting the whole process is waited for effective implementation. He is spear heading the "Move the Money " campaign. It seems finance should also be channelized for more efficient weather and climate services.
The commemoration of World Meteorological Day, which was on 23.03.2024 has been celebrated with fruitful discussions and actions on 21.03.2024. UNDP, WMO, WDHT all deserve climate accolade for success of this programme.

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  • George Kariuki

    2 w

    Absolutely love this summary of the UNDP's Weather Kids campaign! This is exactly the kind of creative action we need to raise awareness about climate change.

    • Elizabeth Gathigia

      2 w

      Its a great campaign, I would say it's a strong tool to educate and create awareness to people on impact of climate change

      • mary Mwihaki

        2 w

        This is a great message we hope it will bring a positive way of climate change and promoting sustainability

        • Esther Wanjiku

          2 w

          A very incredible campaign that will help create more wareness on the impact of climate change and how to create a better future for all.

          • Saustine Lusanzu

            2 w

            We are proud of this campaign! We hope it's going to impact more individuals at the grassroots level

            • walter lungayi

              2 w

              This is heartwarming. Their creativity and messages offer a fresh perspective on climate solutions, highlighting the importance of engaging diverse voices, including the younger generation.

              • Gorffly mokua

                2 w

                This is a positive campaign towards raising awareness about the impact of climate change &promoting sustainability among younger generations

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