Climate warning
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Climate warning

Heatwave and tornadoes fueled by climate change

Texas' early heatwave fueled by climate change, experts say.

In many areas the effects of climate change are felt and some are leaving devastating effects,like for example in U.S.A. specifically in Texas people are suffering from these extreme heatwave.Its reported that a postal worker collapsed and died due to these effects,this explains how fatal this has turned into.Also in some parts of Texas tornadoes have been reported and they have caused mass destruction.The question is :
what are we doing wrong?
What have we failed to do?
What are we supposed to do and we have done so little?
When are we supposed to act?
Many questions may remain unanswered but it's our collective responsibility to salvage our planet from devastating effects of climate change.

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  • Joseph Githinji

    51 w

    A big warning to Texas, USA and the whole world to do better on matters climate action. Action should be either now or right now.

    Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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