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Sameen Shahid

8 w


Climate love

#SolutionsAreSexy! 👗♻

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After 10 years of effort in developing the technology, the Swedish pulp producer Renewcell has finally introduced the world's first commercial-scale chemical recycling mill. ♻
There are recycling methods which involve manual shredding of textile and conversion into fibers. Such methods have existed for centuries but the problem is that they take a lot of manual effort and time. Renewcell is the first commercial mill to introduce chemical recycling, which can help scale production and improve efficiency. With an ambition to recycle the equivalent of 1.4 billion T-shirts every year by 2030, the new plant seems to be the beginning of an eco-friendly shift in fashion industry.

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Limiting waste from the clothing industry is crucial for the planet's future. We cannot have more poorly produced clothes ending up in the already choked landfills! And as Renewcell would say #SolutionsAreSexy! LOUDER! #SOLUTIONSARESEXXXXXY!!!!! 🌸

Can clothes ever be fully recycled?

The world's first commercial-scale textile recycling mill is a milestone in tackling fashion's colossal waste problem.

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  • George Kariuki

    7 w

    That's amazing! Chemical recycling is a fantastic way to make our planet a little greener and it's great to see that Renewcell is leading the way.

    • Tabitha Kimani

      8 w


      • john linus Tom

        8 w

        I agree with it

        • Daniel Waweru

          8 w

          In agreement, it is

          • Kevin

            8 w

            The textile industry should regulate its waste going forward

            • Patrick Kiash

              8 w

              Yes Limiting waste from the clothing industry is very key. You are on the right track 💪.

              • Ingmar Rentzhog

                8 w

                it sure is!

                • Sameen Shahid

                  8 w

                  @Rentzhog 🎉

                • Munene Mugambi

                  8 w

                  Goes a long way in reducing clothes being wasted and promoting recycling

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