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For protecting wildlife and tackling illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam

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As we reach the end of the year, I want to send a huge Climate Love to Education for Nature Vietnam, ENV, for its continuous work to protect endangered wildlife and tackling the illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam. Here are some of ENV’s achievements during 2023: • ENV’s Wildlife Crime Unit handled over 2,760 wildlife crime cases, consisting of more than 8,000 individual violations. 2,125 live wild animals have been seized or voluntarily transferred, including 976 turtles and tortoises, 15 lorises, 6 leopard cats, four gibbons, a langur, and 101 macaques.   • Progress in the struggle to end tiger farming and trafficking. Notably, in June, a farm owner handed over 6 Indochinese tigers to Provincial Thai Nguyen authorities, in collaboration with the Hanoi Forest Protection Department and Hanoi Wildlife Rescue Center. ENV assisted in expediting the transfer of the tigers to the Hanoi Wildlife Rescue Center. • Important progress in the fight against bear bile farming in Vietnam. When ENV began tackling the bear bile industry in 2005, more than 4,300 bears were being kept on bile farms in Vietnam. As of November 2023, after more than a decade of hard work, there are only 208 bile bears left on farms, a 95% reduction since 2005, and a total of 46 provinces have achieved bear farm-free status. • Major seizures in the fight to end pangolin trafficking and trade. In a recent operation conducted by ENV and Nghe An Provincial Economic Police, more than 2.8 metric tons of pangolin scales were confiscated, and two traders were arrested.   • On the cybercrime front, since January this year, ENV has facilitated the shutdown of 58 online wildlife-selling groups comprising over 300,000 members. ENV’s Policy and Prosecution team has continued to work hard to strengthen legislation, close loopholes in the law, and encourage the effective application of laws and policies that protect wildlife. With the goal of establishing a robust deterrent system against wildlife criminals, the team intervened in around 60 criminal cases, 44 of which resulted in prison sentences for one or more subjects.   • ENV's Communication and Public Awareness team has persistently worked to raise awareness about wildlife conservation. In 2023, three public service announcements (PSAs) were produced and broadcast across over 50 television channels. In March, ENV released Ivory Luxury Party, challenging the belief that elephant ivory is a symbol of luxury and good fortune. In June, it was the turn of Marine Turtles Belong to the sea, bringing attention to the illegal hunting, trade, and advertising that threatens the survival of marine turtles. In November, ENV released Knock Knock to raise public awareness about everyday wildlife crimes and the negative consequences associated with these violations. Learn more:

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  • George Kariuki

    15 w

    Sending heartfelt thanks to all the ENV team members working tirelessly on the frontlines and behind the scenes. Your dedication and passion are truly inspiring.

    • walter lungayi

      15 w

      Education for Nature Vietnam's Climatelove initiative is commendable for its efforts to protect wildlife and address the issue of illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam. It's essential to raise awareness and take action to preserve the natural environment and its inhabitants.

      • Joseph Githinji

        15 w

        @walter_lungayi it is a great platform to take care of the wild animals and create more awareness on how to do the same.

      • Elizabeth Gathigia

        15 w

        Keep up the good work @ Education Nature Vietnam, it's our responsibility to make sure wildlife are protected by all means

        • Princess

          15 w

          Absolutely fantastic!

          • Richard S

            15 w

            Hồ Chí Minh (né Nguyễn Sinh Cung; 19 May 1890 – 2 September 1969), colloquially known as Uncle Ho (Bác Hồ) or just Uncle (Bác), and by other aliases and sobriquets, was a Vietnamese communist revolutionary, nationalist, and politician.

            • Joseph Githinji

              15 w

              This is now climate justice at its best, Education for Nature Vietnam deserves an applause for a job well done in protecting the wild animals especially the endangered species.

              • Jane Wangui

                15 w

                @joseph_githinji The endangered species can actually be redeemed back to their glory in number.

              • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

                15 w

                The efforts of Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV) in protecting wildlife and combating illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam are commendable. ENV's Wildlife Crime Unit has made significant strides, handling over 2,760 wildlife crime cases and seizing or transferring more than 2,100 live wild animals. Notable achievements include progress in ending tiger farming and trafficking, success in reducing bear bile farming by 95% since 2005, and major seizures in the fight against pangolin trafficking. ENV's commitment to combating cybercrime is evident in the shutdown of 58 online wildlife-selling groups, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to tackling wildlife crime. The Policy and Prosecution team's efforts to strengthen legislation and secure prison sentences for wildlife criminals contribute to establishing a robust deterrent system. Additionally, ENV's Communication and Public Awareness team plays a crucial role in raising awareness about wildlife conservation through public service announcements (PSAs) and impactful campaigns. These initiatives, such as "Ivory Luxury Party," "Marine Turtles Belong to the Sea," and "Knock Knock," address critical issues and challenge misconceptions, fostering a deeper understanding of the consequences associated with wildlife crimes. These accomplishments not only contribute to protecting Vietnam's biodiversity but also align with the broader global effort to address climate change by safeguarding ecosystems and mitigating the impact of illegal wildlife trade on the environment. ENV's multifaceted approach, combining law enforcement, policy advocacy, and public awareness, showcases a comprehensive strategy for wildlife conservation with positive implications for climate resilience and sustainability.

                • Rotich Kim

                  15 w

                  Protection of wild animals is part of conservation of our environment

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