Esther Wanjiku's post

TRANSITION FROM FOSSIL FUELS TO CLEAN WILL NOT BE A WALK IN THE PARK,BUT WE GOT THIS. It has been unsettling to hear reports that January 2024 was the hottest January on record and the earth’s temperature in the year leading up to end of the month rose by more than 1.5C. If global warming is accelerating, then efforts to address it require similar momentum. When we glance back at the outcome of COP 28, two words spring to mind — phased defossilisation. Two hundred nations, including prominent petroeconomies acknowledged that a shift away from fossil fuels is necessary but there was less unanimity on how steep the gradient of the phase-out should be. The reality is that we may not be able to transition as rapidly as the just-stop-oil activists would like because there is no simple kill switch for this. A key concern is whether there is sufficient, ready and accessible non-carbon energy to bridge the gap that would be left by hydrocarbons. No country can afford an implementation gap during which production and revenues decrease due to inadequate supply of renewable energy. Dismantling the oil-based infrastructure will also produce waste which means that safe disposal must be provided for. The delicate issue of compensation for owners of oil-based assets or the provision of subsidies for producers and consumers of clean energy will also need to be clarified. There is a lot to be done but we need to pick up the pace if we are to gain meaningful traction in the battle against harmful emissions.

  • Grace Njeri

    2 d

    The transition requires strict measures and commitments to achieve.

    • mary Mwihaki

      3 w

      This will not be easy we need to stop burning all fossils fuel

      • Rashid Kamau

        4 w

        To make this a reality for all, we need to stop burning all fossil fuels and replace them with renewable energy

        • johnte ndeto

          5 w

          Transition from fossil fuels receive alot of resistance especially from the deep rooted beneficiaries that have accumulated alot of wealth from the same

          • Chris Ndungu

            6 w

            True, shifting from fossil fuel to clean energy will not be a walk in the park but how I know as we continue focusing on eliminating fossil fuel it will work with time. Together we can, let's do this😊

            • Munene Mugambi

              6 w

              It is a momentous task ahead but can we do it? Certainly. All we have to do is limit our emissions and increase renewable energy efficiency through funding and maximise the resources we have. It will be hard but it is certainly possible

              • Rotich Kim

                6 w

                This require alot of sacrifice for us to realized this and all players should be brought on board

                • winnie nguru

                  6 w

                  It sure will not be easy but we will eventually get there.. with dedication and focus

                  • Gorffly mokua

                    6 w

                    Yes, it wont be easy but if we are united it is possible!

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