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The latest in #climatetech: What's an infrastructure start-up and what does the road to funding look like for these? 🏭 A new kind of climate start-up is emerging – the infrastructure start-up. This new generation of start-ups are taking on the challenge of building on big, physical assets that can really move the needle on climate change. Think of #SET23 winner Heatrix’s clean high-heating solution for big industry or carbon capture plants. πŸ›  While the business of sustainable hardware tends to be capital-intensive, some start-ups only have big capex requirements later in their life once they prove the tech. So how are these start-ups securing funding? β›“ As the physical issue of climate change can't be solved by software alone – VCs are having to and wanting to invest in sustainable hardware for climate adaption. 10% of total climate tech investment in Europe now goes to these start-ups, according to Sifted analysis. πŸ’Έ The latest to join this positive uptick is our 2022 winner Modvion, a start-up that fills the gap for sustainable hardware in the wind energy sector! The start-up is now equipped with 125 million SEK to bring their wooden wind turbines to market More on this topic from sifted πŸ‘‰
More about Modvions tech and latest round πŸ‘‰
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