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One kilo of hydrogen per round from the largest wind turbine ever
The Chinese manufacturer CSSC Haizhuang in has produced its first wind turbine of no less than 18 megawatts. The offshore wind turbine is the world's most powerful ever and has a diameter of 260 metres.

45 kWh per round
China has been a major player in the production of solar panels and onshore wind turbines for years. In recent years, things have also been going fast at sea.

In 2021, China was for the first time the largest not only on land but also at sea in the construction of new wind farms, with 17 gigawatts of new installed capacity offshore. With a huge coastline and an enormous appetite for more energy, China will build many more offshore wind farms in the coming years.
Enough electricity for 40,000 Chinese households
The new wind turbine will produce up to 74,000 megawatt hours annually according to CSSC Haizhuang. Enough to cover the annual consumption of 40,000 (Chinese) households. With this production, the manufacturer assumes a decent but certainly not unrealistic capacity factor of 47%. Developers of European offshore wind farms generally calculate with a slightly higher utilization. Whether this is due to the difference in wind supply between Western Europe and China, or to the technology is still a guess. Perhaps the same turbine off the Dutch coast generates a little more every year.

The maximum yield per rotation of the turbine will in any case be the same everywhere; No less than 45 kilowatt hours (kWh) per round. Only one complete revolution of the turbine is enough to drive about 250 kilometers with an electric car. If you chase the wind power through an efficient electrolyser, each cycle produces roughly 1 kilogram of hydrogen.

Perhaps the best part of this news is that a manufacturer I had never heard of is now building a larger wind turbine than well-known names such as Vestas, General Electric and SiemensGamesa. What more surprises does the Chinese energy transition have in store for us in 2023?


  • Tabitha Kimani

    74 w

    Great news from China. Their technology is mind boggling.

    • George Kariuki

      74 w

      Solar panels and onshore wind turbines are both reliable sources of electricity that can help to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and mitigate the negative impacts of climate change.

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