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The EU’s hesitancy to end the use of palm and soy oil in biofuels is putting forest and peatland at risk

How serious is the EU about ending deforestation?

The EU’s hesitancy to end the use of palm and soy oil in biofuels is putting over 630,000 hectares of forest and peatland at risk – the equivalent of 900,000 football pitches.

The European Commission is pushing back against a motion by members of the European Parliament to phase out these harmful biofuels.

The Commission is seeking to block the proposal out of concerns over further disputes at the World Trade Organization (WTO), where it is currently in a trade dispute with Indonesia and Malaysia over the phase out of palm oil from EU biofuels. There are also strong suspicions that it is worried about jeopardising trade talks with Mercosur.

Today the EU institutions have a last chance to agree on an immediate phase-out of soy and palm oil in the bloc’s biofuels.

The EU must choose the climate over free trade.

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  • Peter Kamau

    67 w

    Really sad and upsetting.

    • Daniel Waweru

      67 w

      This is heartbreaking

      • Ajema Lydiah

        67 w


        • George Kariuki

          67 w

          This is quite disturbing and disappointing.

          • Tabitha Kimani

            67 w

            A very disappointing report.

            • Patrik Lobergh

              67 w

              @tabitha_kimani Indeed, however we are here as a team to uncover such foul play and to put the spotlight on this! 💪

            • Keko Buda

              67 w

              It's better they live upto their promises to neutralize climate crisis rather than compromising it over the trade

              • Patrik Lobergh

                67 w

                @keko_buda So let us push them hard to do exactly that!

              • Munene Mugambi

                67 w

                The EU should stop prioritizing short term gains over long term goals

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