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Achmea pensions wants to contribute to combating climate change through its 'Summer Event'

Achmea organized its annual 'Summer Event' on 12 June. The main theme was the question of how pension investors can make an 'Impact'. This theme was further explored on various aspects. Key note speaker was Marjan Minnesma, director of Urgenda. She gave a penetrating speech about the need to reduce Co2 production in order to keep the global temperature rise within 1.5 degrees. Like WDHT's objective, it focuses on the possibilities that are available and on technical solutions. According to her, the question is not whether we can limit the temperature increase to 1.5 degrees, but whether we really want to. The solutions that Marjan highlighted focus on
-live differently
-move differently
-eat differently
-produce differently
-generate energy differently

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Urgenda is a Dutch non-profit foundation that aims to help enforce national, European and international environment treaties¹. Urgenda works together with partners such as the National Postcode Lottery, Alliander, ASN bank, Höcker lawyers and the Fred Foundation². Urgenda has filed a lawsuit against the state of the Netherlands in 2013 to force them to make more effective policies that reduce the amount of emissions, with the aim to protect the people of the Netherlands against the effects of climate change and pollution¹. Urgenda has developed various visions and action plans for a rapid transition to a sustainable energy supply. This includes various forms of (technical) innovations as well as a different mentality. Urgenda aims to prioritize other values, take action ourselves and shape our living environment together¹. Urgenda has set out how a sustainable Netherlands can look like and how we can achieve this with the help of concrete actions in its Vision and Agenda for 2030 and its Sustainable Throne Speeches. Urgenda bases itself on the latest scientific knowledge and regularly adjusts its vision and action plan¹². Urgenda is the organization for innovation and sustainability that aims to make the Netherlands more sustainable together with companies, governments, social organizations and individuals. Urgenda does this on the basis of its 2030 vision with a concrete action plan and projects¹. Urgenda has various projects such as the Plataan-check which is an online tool that helps homeowners to make their homes more sustainable¹. Marjan Minnesma is a Dutch activist and director and founder of Urgenda, an organization for innovation and sustainability¹³. She is one of the most well-known and effective advocates of the energy transition in the Netherlands. In 2015, she won a lawsuit against the Dutch government with her foundation Urgenda. She argued that the Netherlands does not sufficiently protect its citizens against the consequences of climate change and the court ruled in her favor².
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  • Edwin wangombe

    52 w

    This is such a Noble thing to do .. as climate activists we appreciate such actions

    • ance Star

      52 w

      Great...aiming for the best

      Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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