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Ravaged by floods and fires, Greece struggles on the front lines of our climate reality

PALAMAS, Greece — With Europe at war with extreme weather caused by climate change, Greece is on the front lines, with unprecedented flooding and wildfires hitting the country within weeks of each other this summer.   And as the weather becomes more extreme, so does the public anger. NBC News traveled the length of the country to speak to scientists, political leaders and people rebuilding their lives after the catastrophic events, and witnessed what looks to be a new era of climate politics taking hold in Greece and perhaps other democracies in the world. Storm Daniel moved through the Mediterranean the first week of September, bulging the two rivers that flow on either side of the town of Palamas in central Greece's Thessaly plain, which is known as the country’s bread basket. At least 17 people were killed across the country as communities reeled from three days of intense rainfall.

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  • Kevin

    37 w

    Catastrophically occurrences are brought about by climate change..let us address this

    • George Kariuki

      37 w

      The need to address climate change is no longer a distant concern but a pressing reality affecting communities worldwide.

      • johnte ndeto

        38 w

        Permanent solution should be thought of by Greece even to curb future hazards

        • Rashid Kamau

          38 w

          Nations should embrace fight against climate change to prevent such catastrophes.

          • rosebellendiritu

            38 w

            From one catastrophe to another,it is getting worse every corner of the universe and our action are much needed

            • Tabitha Kimani

              38 w

              Really sad. I can feel the hopelessness of the affected. This is going to be the norm all over the world.

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