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Aren't we polluting our environment further by vouching for fossil fuel subsidy?
Elections are round the corner throughout the world, and we see all kinds of election campaigns doing their rounds everywhere. One campaign particularly caught my attention. It is not that uncommon, however. It is the promise to reduce fossil fuel prices and to provide subsidies on LPG.
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I understand this is an attractive proposition for the people in the short-term scenario. I mean, yes, everyone wants cheaper petrol and diesel in a world where an electric vehicle, and its infrastructure, is still expensive and very much in need of development.
But aren't the parties resorting to a 'cheaper' way out to gain votes? We know we should move on to clean and green energy. Shouldn't the parties in power be promising us more environment-friendly solutions instead of going for the easy way out?
And the easy way out would still have been okay, had it not been a sure shot way of killing our planet. If you want to promise us something, then promise us a better environment. Focus on building clean energy, in building the electric vehicle infrastructure, and make greener options cheaper...! Oh well, who am I to say? Who wants to do that much work when we, as individuals, are so much happier to get that minimal subsidy, let alone the fact that there won't be a world to enjoy it in, for much longer.
Did you know that the world's governments today are handing $7 trillion of their taxpayers' money in fossil fuel subsidies, as we speak, while not even spending even half of it on climate solutions? So when they say they are helping us, that is actually making things worse, by fueling an already overheated crisis. Learn more about how the fossil fuel industry is being funded right out of our pockets:

  • Boniface Kuria

    3 w

    Subsidies serve to encourage consumption so fuel subsidies encourage consumption of fossil fuels. They should be done away with to discourage use of fossil fuels. Infact we should increase the prices of fuel prices

    • Jane Wangui

      3 w

      In as much as the government is failing's quite discouraging seeing citizens happy for subsidies on fossil fuels....we should atleast be willing to pay a little bit more money and go green for the common good of everyone

      • Rashid Kamau

        3 w

        Scaling back fossil fuel subsidies would reduce air pollution and make a major contribution to slowing climate change.

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