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Climate idea

A memory of my childhood and a new idea for the future!!

When I was 13 years old I won an international science award for presenting the topic of pumpkin production in the laboratory and in the field in an ecological way aiming at sustainability and I was praised by my grandfather Waldimiro de Souza:
"This is my grandson João Caetano Horta. He draws attention to sustainability policy in Brazil. He has already planted more than 3 thousand trees since he was 3 years old. Ipe, Sucupira, Mogno, Caju and several others in Aguas Lindas on the other's farm grandfather. Today in Havana he surprises his generation by calling them for the example that water is the basis for bringing healthy food to humanity. In an international audience he wins the Scientific Day of his school together with two other schools. Milton Santos Already did this at your age. Brazil awakens to a new concept of citizenship".

Words from my grandfather Waldimiro de Souza

Now a new opportunity has arisen, only this time here in Brazil!!
As a descendant of Dom Pedro I, Emperor of Brazil, who was also King Dom Pedro IV of Portugal, I consider it an honor to be part of Brazil's national science seminar with the theme Agrocerratense Systems, a new possibility for the future. I hope it will be a beautiful journey of research into a form of sustainable agriculture that values ​​the Cerrado, which is our biome here in the capital of Brazil.
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  • Chris Ndungu

    6 w

    Also taking care of planted trees for instance watering them, applying manures to the tree nurseries, and lastly educating young people on the importance of the environment will also bring benefit to the field of environment.

    • Felix mokaya

      6 w

      I encourage planting of trees .It is also good to educate people that water is an important source to everything in the surrounding .Trees need water to grow

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