Climate warning
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Climate warning

Nearly all major Italian cities on red heat alert

Red alerts for extreme heat are in place in most of Italy's main cities as a heatwave intensifies in Europe. Temperatures are expected to peak on Wednesday, with 23 cities on high alert - from Trieste in the north-east to Messina in the south-west. The warnings mean the heat poses a threat to everybody, not just vulnerable groups. Wildfires are also raging across the continent, including in Greece and the Swiss Alps. Millions of people in the northern hemisphere are being affected by scorching temperatures.

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  • Lucinda Ramsay

    43 w

    Cities will have to be redesigned to cope with the increased temperatures as they currently trap heat...

    • Markus Lutteman

      43 w

      The extreme heat is horrible, but I don’t think Climate Reality Europe deserves a warning for this. It would have been better to target an oil company, or one of the many politicians who are not acting on the climate crisis.

      • Joseph Githinji

        43 w

        This is a major concern and something must be done to get this temperatures down. All must stand together against this menace by reducing carbon emissions and use of methane gas.

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